• Kelly Kincaid, LPC

Why is the Child Directed Interaction (CDI) Phase important for PCIT - Kelly Kincaid, LPC

As therapists, families often seek our expertise and advice. Caregivers come to us with worries, concerns, and a list of behaviors they do not understand and want to stop. Caregivers are frequently overwhelmed and frustrated. We often hear things such as: “His tantrums are out of control!” “She’s just so emotionally dysregulated! I can’t get her to do anything I say!” The anger, worry, and frustration are real. Some caregivers make comments full of frustration, fear, or shame: “I feel like such a bad parent. I’m failing.” Caregivers come in the door asking for help, wanting things to be different, but not knowing how to do it.

We as a society move at such a rapid pace - the morning rush, school drop off, then off to work only to rush back to school for pick up, head to after-school activities then home for dinner, bath, and bed only to wake up again and repeat. Simultaneously, caretakers are often multitasking the demands of work and home while being constantly accessible by email and text. We never turn off or are fully present. What