Example of PCIT Virtual Training with 17 PCIT trainees on a Zoom call


Certification Training

Live Virtual Classroom

The PCIT Live Certification Training:

  • Occurs in real time using a web-based conferencing platform (e.g., Zoom).

  • The training functions like an onsite training where all trainees engage in learning at the same time.

  • These live trainings will be conducted by PCIT experts.

Live Learning from Your Home or Office

Alternative to On-Site Training

The PCIT Live Certification Training:

  • Is a five-day training workshop that is divided into two online trainings (and will be conducted via Zoom).  

  • Begins with a 3-Day Live Workshop that focuses on the first phase of PCIT (the Child-Directed Interaction Phase).  

  • Also includes a second, 2-Day Live Workshop approximately 8 weeks later that targets the second phase of PCIT (the Parent-Directed Interaction Phase) of the PCIT Intervention.

Woman drinking coffee while attending a PCIT Consultation Call via Zoom
Woman with a headset providing iPCIT (telehealth PCIT) to a mother and daughter through her laptop.

Interactive Learning Experience

Acquire and Practice Newly Learned Skills

The PCIT Live Certification Training:

  • Provides an interactive learning environment with PCIT experts and other trainees.

  • Allows trainees to practice newly acquired PCIT skills through role plays, mock sessions, breakout sessions, and other related activities.

  • Gives trainees continuous opportunities to ask questions and receive immediate feedback while learning PCIT skills.


Detailed Comparison of Live and Online Training*

*comparison table not available on mobile device

Two boys smiling and jumping into a pool to symbolize jumping into PCIT Training

Jump In!!!

Your PCIT Training price includes:

  • Over 40 hours of foundational training

  • Web-based consultation calls

  •  Video review

  • Certification application review

  • All training materials