PCIT (Self-Paced) Online

Certification Course

The Future of PCIT Certification Training

The PCIT Online Certification Training Experience:

  • Combines pre-recorded online instructional presentations with weekly, one-hour face-to-face instruction.

  • Is similar to an online blended course offered by a university where trainees review instructional material independently and engage in weekly discussions with other trainees and their designated PCIT Trainer. 

  • Allows trainees to individualize their training experience - "learn when you learn best" - while still participating in a virtual classroom where they can learn from other trainees and receive ongoing guidance by a PCIT expert.​

Learn When You Learn Best

24/7 Access to Instructional Materials (Over 40 Modules)

The PCIT Online Certification Training Course contains:​

  • Over 15 modules carefully designed to guide you through the first phase of treatment, the Child-Directed Interaction Phase. 

  • Over 15 modules that were specifically designed to assist you with the second phase of treatment, the Parent-Directed Interaction Phase.

  • Bonus modules on delivering services with children who have experienced trauma, addressing homework challenges, PCIT research, adaptations of PCIT, and the logistics of providing web-based PCIT services (iPCIT).

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Blended Learning Experience

Online Instruction & Live Consultation

The PCIT Online Certification Training Course:

  • Combines online instructional presentations with weekly, one-hour face-to-face instruction.

  • Includes regular, web-based consultation with your PCIT Trainer (Course Instructor) who will serve as your Certification guide and help you navigate each step of the Certification process. 

  • Provides an opportunity to interact with other trainees (and your PCIT Trainer) in a live, virtual classroom.


Detailed Comparison of Virtual and Online Training*

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Your Online Certification Course includes:

  • Access to over 40 instructional modules

  • Web-based consultation calls

  •  Video review

  • Certification application review

  • All training materials