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Frequently Asked


The following items are questions that frequently arise when preparing for PCIT Training. 


Of course, you may have specific questions and we encourage you to contact us.

Common Training Questions

Do I need to be licensed before receiving PCIT Training?

Trainees must be licensed (or under supervision for licensure) in order to provide PCIT services. Thus, trainees must have at least a Master’s Degree (or higher) in counseling/clinical psychology (or related field). Therapists who receive training before they are licensed, and wish to become a PCIT Certified Practitioner (PCIT-CP), will need to become licensed before applying for PCIT Certification.

Will I be certified after attending the initial training?

Immediately after starting PCIT Training (whether virtual, on-site, or the PCIT Online Training Experience), clinicians will be placed on the PCIT & TCIT website as a "PCIT Certification Candidate" so that families and other professionals can find you. Therapists can also use the PCIT Certification Candidate designation on advertising materials (e.g., email signature lines, websites, business cards). The PCIT Certification process is a 5-Step Process that is described in more details here.

Are you currently offering on-site PCIT Trainings?

Prior to the global pandemic, we conducted frequent on-site trainings at our own training locations along with private trainings at agencies across the United States and Canada. In response to the pandemic, we created two certification training options that can be completed in the safety and comfort of your own home or office. The first option is a live, virtual training which functions like a live, virtual classroom. The second option is a blended online training that combines online learning (which allows trainees to learn when they learn best) with regular live, web-based meetings with other trainees and a designated PCIT Trainer. Thanks for your time, and we hope to see you in a virtual or online training soon!

What is included in the price of training?

The training price includes all of the following:

  • Over 40 hours of foundational training
  • One year of live, web-based consultation calls with a PCIT Trainer
  • Video review with clients (fidelity review for Certification)
  • Certification application & processing
  • Access to electronic resources and training materials (protocol, manuals, workbook, and training binder)

What is the difference between the Virtual and Online PCIT Trainings?

To help trainees select the best training option, our website includes: (a) detailed description of the PCIT Virtual Training; (b) an infomercial and description of the PCIT Online Training; and (c) a comparison chart between of the two trainings (the chart is not available on mobile devices).

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We offer payment plans for the Virtual and Online Trainings. Click here for pricing information. Our payment plans are as basic as can be (no credit application, no additional fees/charges, no hidden fees, no interest charges). The only requirement is that you read and complete a basic payment agreement. We will email the agreement (via DocuSign), and email the first invoice (via QuickBooks). Once you make your initial payment, you are officially registered for the training. You do not have to have your balance paid off prior to training.

If I have a PCIT training question, what should I do?

Please do not hesistate to call us (1-877-724-8248), email us (, or send a chat. We like to think of ourselves as a customer service company that happens to train and certify PCIT therapists. From the moment you register, to the moment you become certified in PCIT, it’s our mission to make your training experience extraordinary. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

Common Agency Questions

Can PCIT services be delivered via telehealth?

Absolutely! Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, clinicians around the world started delivering PCIT via telehealth (which is commonly referred to as iPCIT). You will learn about the logistics and successful strategies for delivering iPCIT during Virtual Trainings, or during the PCIT Online Certification Training.

Do I need a PCIT observation room (PCIT Suite) to conduct PCIT?

Not at all! Traditionally, PCIT was conducted at agencies with a dedicated PCIT clinic room and a one-way mirror to conduct PCIT services. However, it is not required that you have a PCIT room/suite to deliver PCIT services. In fact, most recently, clinicians are delivering PCIT via telehealth (which is commonly referred to as iPCIT). Many therapists deliver PCIT successfully deliver services within clients’ homes or even at schools. Your trainers will discuss service delivery options for PCIT during the initial trainings.

What are commonly used toys in PCIT?

Please click here to view toys commonly used by therapists in PCIT Sessions. Please note, our suggestions are not an exhaustive list, these are toys often used by PCIT Therapists. Also, you do not need to purchase all the toys listed to conduct PCIT. Therapists often have a minimum of 10 toy options available at their clinic, with a variety of options available for younger and older children. Many therapists have 25+ toy options, and a designated toy closet or cabinet (or toy room). Keep in mind, several purchasing options exist for most toys. For example, LEGOs are available in a wide variety of pieces (e.g., 200 pieces, 400 pieces) and themes (e.g., Star Wars). Also, similar toys are available by different companies. For example, we have listed PicassoTiles below, but similar toys (e.g., Magna-Tiles) exist.

If my agency has a PCIT training question, what should we do?

Please do not hesistate to call us ( 1-877-724-8248), email us (, or send a chat. We are more than happy to schedule a call with your agency to answer your questions. We like to think of ourselves as a customer service company that happens to train and certify PCIT therapists. From the moment you register, to the moment you become certified in PCIT, it’s our mission to make your training experience extraordinary.

Common Treatment Questions

Can more than one caregiver participate in PCIT?

Absolutely! Actually, having two caregivers participate in PCIT at the same time is ideal. Consistent PCIT skill utilization by two caregivers typically leads to more rapid behavioral changes. Many caregivers find it helpful to go through treatment together as they can support each other as they learn the PCIT therapeutic skills. In instances of shared custody, we also encourage participation by both caregivers. PCIT skill utilization across homes can quickly reduce the frequency of behavioral challenges and decrease the likelihood of parenting inconsistencies between homes.

What do most clinicians use as a bug-in-the-ear device?

Historically, PCIT therapists used listening devices designed for individuals who needed auditory assistance. These devices had incredible microphones and speakers, but the high quality also meant high price. Currently, many PCIT therapists have started purchasing wireless Bluetooth earpieces and coaching through the client's phone.