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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy


A Step by Step Overview

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Boy in sunglasses showing number 1 to represent Step 1 of PCIT Certification Training

Step 1

Certification Course (4 Different Options) 

Certification in PCIT begins with 40 hours of foundational training.  We have 4 different Certification Training options (described below).  The content of each of the trainings below is the same, the delivery method is the only difference.  Simply choose the delivery method that is best for you (or your agency).

  • Option #1: The PCIT Online Certification Course is a blended learning experience that combines pre-recorded lectures/presentations with live, weekly training with a PCIT Expert.  The course allows you to "learn when you learn best."  That is, you can view the same instructional presentations that are covered during a virtual or on-site training on your own time.  In addition, you will meet every week for face-to-face instruction (via Zoom) with your PCIT Trainer and other trainees. 

  • Option #2: The PCIT Virtual Certification Training occurs in real time using a web-based conferencing platform (e.g., Zoom). The training functions like a live, virtual workshop where all of the content is presented live.  The live trainings are conducted over a 5-day period by a PCIT expert.

  • Option #3: PCIT On-Site Certification Training - Live, face-to-face on-site trainings that are open to licensed mental health professionals (or clinicians accruing hours towards licensure).  These trainings are conducted at one of our training sites (e.g., Dallas, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas).  The face-to-face trainings will be conducted over a 5-day period by a PCIT expert.

  • Option #4: Certification Training at your Agency - If you have 5 or more clinicians interested in receiving PCIT Training at your facility, we can coordinate a live, private, face-to-face training hosted by your agency. These live trainings will be conducted by a PCIT expert.

Step 2

Web-Based (Zoom) Consultation Calls (Included)

Web-Based Consultation Calls are included in the cost of your PCIT Training.  These web-based calls start immediately, and occur at regularly scheduled times (approximately 2-3 times per month) for a period of one year. 


Regardless of the training method (e.g., Online Course, Virtual Training, In-Person Training), you will receive one year of web-based Consultation Calls with a PCIT trainer as you complete your first two PCIT cases.

These web-based meetings are designed to provide ongoing training, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Assistance in the identification of PCIT cases

  • Review treatment procedures for each session

  • Problem-solve common (as well as unique) challenges

  • Discuss observational coding questions

  • Additional opportunities to practice coding and coaching

At the end of one year, most PCIT Trainees will have completed two PCIT cases.  However, additional web-based training is available to trainees who have not completed their first two PCIT cases. 

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Girl in purple dress showing number 3 to represent Step 3 of PCIT Certification Training

Step 3

Video Review (Included)

The third step in the PCIT Certification process is to have actual therapy sessions observed by a PCIT Trainer.  Observations may be conducted in real-time (e.g., live sessions, telehealth) or through video or audio recording.  Video review is included in your PCIT Training Package.

The video review is designed to:

  • Assess treatment fidelity

  • Review and discuss coaching goals/procedures

  • Problem-solve challenges

  • Provide individualized training and guidance

As part of your PCIT Training Package, you will receive feedback of up to six video-recorded sessions (four videos are required for PCIT Certification).  You will receive written and/or verbal feedback from the PCIT Trainer.  Your PCIT Trainer will also describe more details, including specific procedures for securely submitting your videos.

Step 4

Complete Two PCIT Cases (Included)

The fourth step in the PCIT Certification process is to complete two PCIT cases.

The foundational training, web-based consultations, and video review are included in the cost of your training.  The entire training package is designed to help you through each treatment session, including:

  • Identification of PCIT Case & Intake Session

  • Observation Session ("DPICS Session")

  • Child-Directed Interaction Teach & Coaching Sessions

  • Parent-Directed Interaction Teach & Coaching Sessions

  • Sibling Session (if needed)

  • Graduation Session

At the end of the one-year consultation calls, most PCIT Trainees will have completed two PCIT cases.  However, additional web-based training is available to trainees who have not completed their first two PCIT cases at the end of one year. 

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Step 5

Submit Your PCIT Certified Practitioner Application

 The final step in the PCIT Certification process is to submit your PCIT Certified Practitioner Application.  Review of your certification application materials is included in your training cost (no additional application fee).

The application is easy to complete, and includes the following information:

  • Basic Demographic Information

  • Foundational Training Information (e.g., Dates of Training)

  • Web-Based Consultation Call Attendance

  • Verification of Video Reviews

  • Verification of Professional Credentials

Once approved, you will be officially certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and can begin using the term "PCIT Certified Practitioner" on business and marketing materials. 

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Jump In!!!

Your PCIT Training price includes:

  • Over 40 hours of foundational training

  • Web-based consultation calls

  •  Video review

  • Certification application review

  • All training materials