PCIT Training

Certification in PCIT Therapy

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an evidence-based treatment for children 2 to 7 years of age with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Certification in PCIT Therapy begins with foundational training.

We currently have three PCIT Certification training options: (1) Live, Virtual PCIT Training; (2) an Online PCIT Certification Course; and (3) In-Person PCIT Training

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PCIT Training Option#1

Live Virtual Training

Live Conference via Zoom

The PCIT Virtual Trainings function like a live, virtual conference with two PCIT trainers and other trainees.  Trainees will receive 40 hours of foundational PCIT training over a 5-day period, which is separated into two workshop dates: (1) a 3-day CDI Workshop; and (2) a 2-day PDI Workshop.  Both workshops are conducted live via Zoom.

December 7-9, 2020 & February 4-5, 2021 - SOLD OUT!

December 14-16, 2020 & February 11-12, 2021 - SOLD OUT!

February 8-10, 2021 & April 8-9, 2021 - SOLD OUT!

March 8-10, 2021 & May 3-4, 2021 - SOLD OUT!

April 26-28, 2021 & June 24-25, 2021 - Register Now

Trainees must attend both workshop dates - CDI Phase & PDI Phase


PCIT Training Option#2

Online Certification Course

Online Learning & Face-to-Face Instruction

The Online PCIT Certification Course is a blended learning experience that combines pre-recorded lectures/presentations with live, weekly training with a PCIT Expert.  


The course allows you to view the same instructional presentations that are covered during a virtual or on-site training.  However, the online course gives you the ability to watch the presentations 24/7 and "learn when you learn best."


In addition, trainees meet every week for face-to-face instruction (via Zoom) with their designated PCIT Trainer and other trainees.  

December Cohort (Begins December 28th) - SOLD OUT!

February Cohort (Begins February 15th) - SOLD OUT!

April Cohort (Begins April 12th) - 3 Seats Left

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PCIT Training Option#3


In-Person, Live Learning

The PCIT Therapy In-Person Trainings are 5-Day training workshops.  The initial 3 days will focus on the first phase (Child-Directed Interaction), and the remaining two days will target the second phase (Parent-Directed Interaction) of the PCIT Intervention.

Dallas, TX - July 19-23, 2021 - Register Now

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In-Person trainings will follow CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of trainees